Ready to take your fashion skills to the next level? You’re in the right place

In the early days of her career, Tais spent hours and hours perfecting her skills and knowledge on every stage of the design journey, from creating mood boards and fashion croquis, to building colour palettes, selecting fabrics, drawing technical sketches and producing design sheets; She believes that it takes time and dedication to the craft to become a designer and illustrator that stands out from the pack.

Tais believes that everyone should have access to resources that will help them develop their skills and passions, without having to spend a fortune; so in 2020, she created ‘My Studio School’. This was to be a place where she could share her years of knowledge and experience, to help aspiring designers learn more about design, fashion drawing and rendering, in a platform that is accessible, easy to follow and affordable.
The B Design Studio courses have already helped hundreds of up and coming designers hone their skills, whilst building their confidence.